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    A New Era - Trailer

    Une nouvelle ère - 走進新時代 (A New Era)
    72' - France - 2019

    Directed by Boris Svartzman
    Image, Sound: Boris Svartzman
    Script: Boris Svartzman, Laurine Estrade
    Editing: Suzana Pedro, Emma Augier
    Sound editing: Nans Mangeard
    Sound mixing: N'Dembo Ziavoula
    Calibration: Lucie Bruneteau
    Production: Macalube Films, Prima Luce
    Coproduction: Vià Vosges, Boris Svartzman

    In 2008, local authorities evict 2,000 villagers from Guanzhou, a river island in Southern China to make way for new urban planning projects - a fate shared by five billion rural citizens of China yearly. In spite of the demolition of their houses and police pressure, a handful of inhabitants return to the island. For seven years, I have filmed their battle to save their ancestral land, from the ruins of the village where nature is slowly reasserting itself, to the worksites of the mega city which inexorably advances towards them.

  1. # asia  # capitalism  # china  # cinema  # communism  # environment  # expropriations  # land grab  # rural life  # transition  # urbanisation  #documentary movie
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